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Loitered Lens: Presence Autochtone 2017

Scenes from stage and Street at Montreal's Presence Autochtone festival...

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Appropriate Culture (Présence Autochtone 2016)

Cultural appropriation, contemporary Canucks, positive vibes. Montreal celebrates the First Nation...

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Presence Autochtone : Finding and Founding First Nation Culture in Montreal

This year, Présence Autochtone (Montreal First Peoples Festival) celebrated its 25th anniversary of bringing the culture of the aboriginal people of Canada and the rest of the Americas, through...

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We are watching your culture too. Captured

Captured highlights the premise that embracing diversity is essential for the continued development of Native American art....

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Présence Autochtone: Montreal First Peoples Festival

Présence Autochtone, Montreal First Peoples Festival, celebrates the cultural heritage of the Americas' aboriginal nations through film, music, dance and other visual arts....

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