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Primordial Whispers at Arusha Gallery

An epistemological exhibition on forbidden philosophies, folk knowledge and intuitive spirits via Arusha Gallery...

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Openings: An Esoteric Short Story

Voices from another dimension, or glitches in the wiring? Into the Esoterics of Music...

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A time-traveller’s log : The Stele of Revealing

Over the 3 days comprising the 8th, 9th and 10th of April 2015 Thelemites around the world will celebrate the transmission of Liber Al Vegis to Aleister Crowley in a Cairo hotel room....

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The Songs of Lovecraft’s Children

Gary Hill won’t make a fortune from The Strange Sound of Cthulhu: Music Inspired by the Writings of H. P. Lovecraft, or be interviewed on breakfast TV about it, but it had to be written....

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Mesmerism Revisited : Lee Gerrard-Barlow [Interview]

Human beings are essentially creatures of habit, we tend to follow the path of least resistance in almost everything that we do. ...

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The Vudu Experiment: Pt. 2

'INTENT: to contact the Loa in order to gain advice/empowerment for dealing with the current, and worsening, crisis in the economy.' SWP consults the tarot for political inspiration...

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Hubbardites Vs Crowleyites Pt 3

If the current management of the Church of Scientology were not so keen to airbrush all aspects of its founder’s life and work we would have a much clearer idea of his motives for infiltrating...

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