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Look Again: The Way of the Morris

Forget the decades of Pythonesque ribbing, Morris dancing is deep rooted folk ritual...

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Fire and Bristone. Delving the Earth’s Sulphur Core

For millennia, tales have been told of the underworld being awash with fire and brimstone. Now at least, we can be sure of the brimstone. ...

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Smell the air and rub the sky

For most of us in the cities and towns the weather is just something that happens to us, something inconvenient, an impediment. Perhaps we should pay it more attention. ...

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Earth –  Angels of Darkness, Demons Of Light 1

Southern Lord (2011) Earth’s latest offering, Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light 1, shows a definite development from the heavy drone aesthetic of yore, encompassing a variety of influences...

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Earth –  A Bureaucratic Desire for Extra Capsular Extractions

The opening song for this despondent treat is like the unfolding of a questionably green powdered orange, the insides of Earth evoking a terrified awe when revealed. An album which creeps up on you,...

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