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Lyme Disease Considered Least Metal

Scientists have confirmed that the pathogen that causes Lyme Disease —unlike any other known organism—can exist without iron, a metal that all other life needs to make proteins and enzymes....

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Sugar Coated Stem Cells

Scientists have used sugar-coated scaffolding to move a step closer to the routine use of stem cells in the clinic and unlock their huge potential to cure diseases from Alzheimer's to diabetes....

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The short end of the stick

Some men voice complaints of shortened penis following prostate cancer treatment. ...

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Vapour Death to MRSA!

Hydrogen peroxide vapor enhances hospital disinfection of superbugs. Johns Hopkins to begin decontaminating isolation rooms with robotic, vapor-dispersing devices. ...

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Alzheimer’s: Potential Breakthrough

Despite researchers' best efforts, no drug exists that can stop the onslaught of Alzheimer's disease. Review offers renewed optimism in fight against fatal neurodegenerative disease...

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