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Breathe it in Deep! Cycling and Walking are Healthy, even with Air Pollution

Walking and cycling are good for health even in cities with higher levels of air pollution ...

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Keep Those Leg-Hinges Smooth and Silky with Knee Botox

Researchers use Botox-like injection to treat runners and cyclists with knee pain ...

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Hills, Wind and Rain

After surviving two days of these winds to finally crawl into Hermanus, I'm extra cautious. I respect the winds. Nay, I fear them. Cycling essay, Lesotho...

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Brompton World Championship

The Brompton World Championship is a serious endeavour. Fun and colourful yes, but also earnest and limit pushing....

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Public Bikes in Europe

Public bikes in major European cities...

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Robert Louis Jefferson

In the late 19th century Journalist and Epic Cyclist Robert Louis Jefferson made some spectacular cycles from London to the Constantinople, Khiva and beyond....

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