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Are The Working Class Kept Away From The Arts?

Have you ever felt that your less then welcome in the creative industry? Check your accent!...

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What the Dickens! The End of the Social Climber?

Is it possible to feel a warm glow when we consider the poor and underprivilaged of our own country? Can we still climb the social ladder? ...

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Still Not Listening: Meryl Streep Fails to Charm the Hicks

Meryl's message may have been astute, but if it ain't coming from a blue collar hick, it's just preaching to the choir....

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Deplorable Lives Matter : Why Sneering at Proles Doesn’t Work Either

Angry alienated American whites are not a Trump invention, and patronising them won't make them go away...

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All Wrong: the misguided adventures of an art world hero (Grayson Perry)

The roving potter lines up his newest quaint exhibits: the northern working classes...

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Chavs and Austerity

For those of us caught in austerity, there was no shock. Austerity is a forced return home....

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Why ‘Chav’ is a Feminist Issue

The discourse around ‘chavs’ can be a cover for denigrating the social agency and sexual autonomy of working-class women, as well as wider political attacks on the working class. ...

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Home ownership or keep your job?

Government policies that boost the amount of home ownership in a country are likely to inflict severe damage on the labour market....

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Trickle Up

Exceptional upward mobility in the US is a myth, international studies show. ...

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