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A look inside children’s minds

When young children gaze intently at something you know their minds are busily at work. But you're never entirely sure how children's mind work....

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Child Literacy equals adult success

If ya kid can read they'll probably succeed. Early math and reading ability linked to job and income in adulthood. ...

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TV = Antisocial behaviours

Five year-olds who watch TV for three or more hours a day are increasingly likely to develop antisocial behaviours...

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Parents’ Praise Bad for Toddlers

Toddlers whose parents' praise their efforts more than they praised them as individuals had a more positive approach to challenges five years later....

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Kids Teach Parents Environmentalism

Kids teach parents? Apparently so. A child can directly influence the attitude and behaviour of their parents towards the environment without them even knowing it. ...

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Big Bird and Your Brain

Using brain scans of children and adults watching Big Bird on Sesame Street, cognitive scientists are learning how children's brains change as they develop intellectual abilities like reading and...

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Playing Sport for Fun

To protect against injuries, young athletes may need to play more just for fun...

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