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Live at Ronnie Scott’s: Nitin Sawhney

Heavyweight vinyl, heavyweight venue, heavyweight talent...

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Dedicated to the Bird We Love (Oriental Sunshine, Vinyl)

Round Two records unearth a rare (and unlikely) Norwegian psychedelic folk sitar rock album. Yes they do....

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How We Hear (and it’s Not All in the Ear)

Study shows auditory cortex of hearing and deaf people are nearly identical...

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Soundtracking the Great Game: (Stylotone Vinyl Reissue of Khartoum)

Frank Cordell's epic soundtrack receives a lavish vinyl reissue...

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Big bangs, pulsars, black holes and supernovas [Fujako]

Off-key gamelan clangs, swarming keyboards and pitch-slowed kickdrums hammer that recurring distopian atmosphere home...

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