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Embracing the Bold: Waran’s Fine Art

Waran's Fine Art Unveils Exclusive Partnership with Rising Artists Mr. Controversial and Celest...

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Art is like a Love Affair: Tina Grønning

An interview with Art collector Tina Grønning ...

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Picasso or Pepe: Wanna buy an NFT?

Insight into the rationale behind buying NFT art. ...

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Eat It Now: The New Immaterialism

Art’s race with advertising, reduced to comparisons about slogan and the direct message, seems to be reaching its conclusion. ...

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A Bright Chapel: Mark Hinchliffe

Interview with flamboyant art collector Mark Hinchliffe...

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Revolving Around Art: Claus Busch Risvig

Interview with Danish Art Collector Claus Busch Risvig...

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