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Rendering the Invisible Playful: Jo McGarry

A review of Jo McGarry, ‘In|Visible|’ (2023) at Seager Gallery...

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On The Question Of AI Imagery

Something is getting lost in translation. Does AI Art lose the creative crucible required for depth? ...

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undo undo undo: Vivien Zhang

Colliding motifs generate a sense of fluctuation and ambivalence, against a backdrop of repetition and certainty. 'undo undo undo' by Vivien Zhang questions our technological world making. ...

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Awaken Imagined Still Lives

Digital artist Dominic Harris brings art into a new dimension at the Halcyon gallery, London November 2019....

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AI: More Than Human

A major new exhibition is an unprecedented survey of creative and scientific developments in artificial intelligence, and explores the evolution of the relationship between humans and technology....

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‘Deep Mind’ AI As Advanced as a 4yr old!

The 'Deep Mind' team have developed an AI that can think 'like a four year old' will this be our making or undoing?...

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