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Spiritual Truth and Female Bodies: Marck

A review of Marck’s Playground at Bluerider

Marc, Gegenstrom (New Gold), 2023

Bluerider Art on Albemarle Street, the London outpost of the Asian based galleries founded by IT entrepreneur Elsa Wang, recently brought Marck’s Playground, an experimental exhibition by Swiss artist Marck, to the city.

The gallery, whose ethos is inspired by the early 20th century avant-garde art group “Der Blaue Reiter,” led by Wassily Kandinsky, is committed to presenting art that is unique, innovative and which echoes the gallery’s commitment to work which brings spiritual truth to art.

Marck, Dreams that burst, 2023
Marck, Dreams that burst, 2023

Marck’s Playground is a collection of works, old and new, which show the artist’s unique perspective. Best known for his video sculptures, many of which are on display here, the artist addresses cultural and societal issues through his works.

The artist’s approach to making his art is a reflection of his own varied background after rejecting a formal art education. Tech installation, auto dismantling, electrical and mechanical technician are some of the diverse occupations, that have contributed to his creative process. The works themselves, look handmade, almost steam-punk.  Roughly joined metal cases hold video screens, handmade picture frames, household paints, electrical tape, anything and everything is adaptable to the artists creations. A table laid out in the gallery, loaded with drills, duct tape, spray paints, and all kinds of nails, screws and every tool imaginable, gives viewers a chance to see what goes into his projects, perhaps also signaling part of the artists view that his work is not simply about execution, but rather an experiments in using non-artist tools to create gallery worthy projects.

Marck, clockwork, 2023
Marck, clockwork, 2023

The projects themselves fall largely in the video installation realm. Many of the pieces feature women, and they are generally framed and contained in tight, confining spaces, part of the artist’s exploration of the way modern life challenges us all as we negotiate the familiar and unfamiliar in life and grapple with identity, the claustrophobic images reflecting the various ways we can feel when life bears down on is, 

The artist also blends the virtual and the real by creating pieces in which elements of the video emerge from the artworks into the ‘real’ world. Untitled Wand, features a video of an African-American woman on fire, with real flames leaking from the top of the piece, another work, Gear Works, features a motorcycle chain, reminding the viewer that the pieces are statements about the constraints challenges and routines we all might face in life . 

Marck’s Playground  presents the work of an artist who seeks to explore the various states of our humanity in diverse social contexts, and his pieces serve as a journey for the audience to experience and interact with various psychological scenarios.

Marck: MARCK’s Playground
14 March-26 May
Bluerider ART London
47 Albemarle Street, London W1S 4JW


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