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And then there was just Madame Hillary. Hold the Champagne.

Hillary Clinton may have taken the Democratic nomination, but that leaves little to celebrate

[dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”]H[/dropcap]illaryite flacks in the corporate media have declared Madame Clinton the presidential nominee of the Democratic Party.

Obama, Washington insiders are predicting, will soon endorse her. We will see if Sanders will follow suit, thus forever sealing his reputation as a soul-deficient sellout.

Now, Hillary, it is said, can turn her full attention to taking on Trump.

True. Madame Clinton, Trump is a demagogic tool. Unfortunately though, when you rend the air with gestures of condemnation, a host of skeletons rattle and dance in your own closet. Fuxxyhead by Dan Booth, Madame HillaryYou can only hope your fulminations do not shake loose any deleted emails or transcripts of your high dollar speeches to your Wall Street sugar daddies.

Why, oh why, Democrats, when you’re facing a contest with a trash talking con man would you choose Richard Nixon in a couture pantsuit to oppose him? Perhaps, because you have been corrupt for so long and your vision has been rendered so myopic by your cupidity you cannot recognize the extent of revulsion Madame Clinton evokes among the voting public.

And the mistrust has not been engendered by her image as a strong and competent woman. Because, in reality, she is a panderer and a bungler. Throughout her entire public life, she has sold her services to the highest bidder and her public positions on the issues of the day have shifted with every change in the political winds. Worse, from healthcare to Libya, on every occasion she has been granted power, she has left disaster in her imperious wake.

It appears that the liberals and faux progressives, and their enabling of corporate Democrats such as Bill Clinton and Barack Obama before her, all the while positing the lesser-of-two-evils canard, will receive their just deserts for the betrayal of the working and middle classes and the impoverished. In short, Trump’s sham populism will prevail because sold-out Democrats abandoned leftist populism.

Democratic partisans, you just delivered a full body slam to yourselves. It would behoove you to not jump to your feet, grab a flag, and perform a fist-pumping victory dance.

Image by Dan Booth. Not to be reproduced without express prior permission.


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