Ruby Goe: Single, Video, Gig

Yes, it's pop. What of it? We can do that at Trebuchet – items about Ulcerate and Ruby Goe on the same day.

It's not about genre, it's about excitement. The fact that she's squirming about in a pushup, slathered in polarised goo has NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.

Ruby Goe releases her new single ‘Get On It’ through her own label Goe Music on the 13th of February. The single narrates an exhilarating evening out on the town, from getting ready to catching the infamous 149 bus to a chorus which celebrates the hedonism of the most memorable nights out.

Soon after, there's a chance to catch her at YoYo, Notting Hill Arts Club on the 16th. And in case you think it's just throwaway squawk-pop, do bear in mind that Angie Stone picked her as a backng singer.

Call her the disco-soul Azelia Banks you could take home to your mum, without having to worry about gynological references or dropping the C-Bomb.

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