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OGEN: entire new heavy metal EP available for streaming

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OGEN's highly anticipated new mini-album "Black Metal Unbound" has been released today, June 6 via Kolony Records. The band’s debut EP is now available for streaming in its entirety at www.invisibleoranges.com (Note: the stream will only be available from June 6 until June 19).
The EP was recorded at Elfo Studio in Italy with producer Daniele Mandelli (FORGOTTEN TOMB) and features a guest appearance of singer George Kosmas (BE'LAKOR) on the song “Shattered Earth volcano”.
"Black Metal Unbound" track listing:
01. Shattered Earth volcano
02. Black tusk retaliation
03. Crest of the forgotten
04. As a leaden Sun shineth upon
05. A steep slope to desolation
The cover art for the album was shot by Russian artist Nikita Borisov and can be viewed below.
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