NASA Discovers new form of Life!

The new life forms up close, at five micrometers.

Gizmodo reports that a completely new form of life has been discovered in the US that does not share the same building blocks as everything else on the planet it uses arsenic where ALL other lifeforms on the planet are made up of carbon, hydrogen,oxygen, phosphorus and sulfur.The details of this new type of bacteria which has asenic instead of phosphorus in its make up is set to be released today during a press conference. The nature of how Gizmodo discovered this info is not known (seems like everything is leaked these days) but seemingly this follows on from Nasa earlier discovery this year regarding life in Monolake. 

The BBC reports:

John Elliott, a Leeds Metropolitan University researcher who is a veteran of the UK’s search for extraterestrial life, called the find a “major discovery”.

Mono Lake, California (H Bortman) The bacteria were found in the salty Mono Lake

“It starts to show life can survive outside the traditional truths and universals that we thought you have to use… this is knocking one brick out of that wall,” he said.

“The general consensus is that this really could still be an evolutionary adapatation rather than a second genesis. But it’s early days, within about the first year of this project; it’s certainly one to think on and keep looking for that second genesis, because you’ve almost immediately found an example of something that’s new.”

You had me at Second Genesis!

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