Loitered Lens : Luke Haines

A micro-opera starring Luke Haines. We were intrigued.

The press release had it thus:

A Mark E Smith impersonator and members of Fall Group are en route to a rock ‘n’ roll festival. Members of Fall Group are not aware that ‘MES’ is actually an MES imposter. Smith is driving a battered Renault 5 and towing a Swift Swallow caravan (possibly under the influence of amphetamine sulphates and alcohol) when he crashes into an Austen Maestro.

Projections and fedora ahoy, Luke Haines took to the boards at Islington Assembly Halls on February 4th. Just don’t dare say ‘Caravan the Man’….

Luke Haines a2

Luke Haines b

Luke Haines c

Luke Haines d

Luke Haines e

Luke Haines a1

All photos: Zak Macro

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