Loitered Lens: Killing Joke Roundhouse 2018

Live shots from Killing Joke, Roundhouse, 17.11.18

Live shots from Killing Joke, Roundhouse, 17.11.18

Often anarchic with a sense of timeless eccentricity Killing Joke are an arty industrial cut above so many of their contemporaries, existing in a parallel dimension where iconoclasm means more than having a best-of cd tossed aside in a layby.

In the Joke dimension the Icons are measured in genre-pushing albums, political rants, solvent financials, decade defining popularity (Wardance in the 70s and Eighties in…), and the ability to put on an amazing show.” – Trebuchet review of Killing Joke 17th November 2018 Roundhouse Show.

Art Devine Thunders
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