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Loitered Lens: Killing Joke

Photos of Killing Joke at the Roundhouse in March 2012

Industrial Rock Weirdos Killing Joke – bring back the crazy. 

Emerging from the late 70s as a formidable force of social unrest, political revolt and spiritual corruption Killing Joke have transgressed and transcended various intense musical trends to remain vital and relevant. Whereas their contemporaries have either disappeared or become parodies of themselves, Killing Joke seemingly took Hunter S Thompson’s maxim that ‘when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro’ to it’s illogical and intuitive end and as a result never really stopped their process of becoming. 

While their albums might have become a little less stark and spine chilling that those earlier records, if their performances of 2011 are anything to go by… they remain at their ugly ageing best when shamanically throttling a large crowd’s kundalini via megawattage and dodgy stagecraft.

They’re important, unique and wonderful. On the 8th of March 2012 at the Roundhouse in London Trebuchet bought the ticket, spilt the beer, stained the t-shirt, and permanently compromised our hearing.

Perhaps we even learnt something.

Catch them in your town

2012-03-12 ABC Glasgow

2012-03-13 Academy Newcastle

2012-03-14 Wulfrun Hall Wolverhampton

2012-03-16 Pyramids Portsmouth

2012-03-17 Academy Oxford

Killing Joke are touring in March 2012. Get your tickets now.

Official Killing Joke Website full of ranty screed and genuinely personal insights. 


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