Loitered Lens: Flamin’ Groovies

Photos of 1960s protopunk godfathers The Flamin’ Groovies shining through the London gloom

The atavistic gnashing grooves of the Flamin’ Groovies are still vital some 50 years (plus) since they emerged from the psychedelic wilderness of west coast America.

Where others went ‘furthur’, the Groovies went faster. Emerging at the same time as the Haight’s brown rice psychedelic snobs, the Groovies never sat easily with peace and love, reeking as they did of cars and fucking.

– Kailas Elmer weaves some context around the Flamin’ Groovies’ appearance on September 21st 2017 at Under The Bridge, London.

Images: Jonathan Lappin Photography

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