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Broadly concerned with the politics of perception Lawrence English speaks


Quiet I’m listening.

“English’s music is recognised as exploring “environmental and musical sources and is highly regarded for its intelligent invocation of perception, memory and space”.[2] On his 2014 album Wilderness of Mirrors[3] he outlines his approach to composition “For me it’s about a kind of struggle between almost nothing and almost everything. Sometimes one sound can be too much and other times 50 layers seems lacking in the depth you want to convey. I think at the heart of this question is dynamics, and I feel that’s very much what this album is about. It’s a slow reveal, I want it to be a seduction.” – Lawrence English, Wikipedia


This post is part of our off-season cinematic slouch. Trebuchet is taking a break until Jan. In the meantime we’ve selected some fine moments for you to enjoy. Hope you had a great year and we’ll see you in 2019

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