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Derek Bailey on Improvisation

"For listeners unfamiliar with experimental music, Derek Bailey's distinctive style can be challenging." - Wikipedia on Derek Bailey. But by all means make up your own mind...

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New Millenium ChristBait

You better recognise your last face. Adam Curtis...

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Remembering The Cry of Jazz

 Cry of Jazz is a historic and fascinating film that comments on racism and the appropriation of jazz by those who fail to understand its artistic and cultural origins....

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Saint Wooten: Represent

You can't hold no groove if you ain't got no pocket... ...

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Deepcut Country: Tony Rice

The slick cooter on the fretted logpile. Tony Rice...

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Lawrence English: Silent voices and listening posts

Broadly concerned with the politics of perception Lawrence English speaks...

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Deepcut Country: Sleepy LaBeef

Best named rockabilly musician ever; Sleepy LaBeef...

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Deepcut Jazz: George Barnes

Jazz innovator who brought happiness to complex composition: George Barnes...

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