Lauding Republicans (reluctantly). US Election Hyperbole and Hypocrisy

Che by Dan Booth

As rare as it is, one must laud Republicans when, regardless of intent, one of their clutch of psychopaths and soreheads posits an accurate remark.

Accordingly, both John McCain and Donald Trump made accurate assertions about each other. Trump is a chicken hawk ignoramus and McCain is not a war hero. Heroes do not drop bombs on civilian targets from tens of thousands of feet in the air during the course of illegal, immoral, imperial wars, as did McCain during the Vietnam War.

Regarding the latter, Democrats promulgate the empire’s troops-as-heroes and victims canard, thus they cannot honestly address the subject. Withal, there exists but one political party in the U.S., with two right wings — The Party Of Corporate/Bankster Despotism And Police/National Security/Militarist Imperium.

In the dismal milieu of the U.S.’s emotionally arrested political class: Republicans are the remorseless bullies who stole smaller kids lunches while Democrats, in the duopolistic set-up, are the sort of annoying apple polishers who truckle for gold stars. The students at large, deep down, are not fond of either of them.

US Election Hyperbole and Hypocrisy

Meanwhile, Democratic Party-funded (i.e.,corporate-funded) astroturf site Occupy Democrats pseudo memes continue to arrive on my newscroll… proclaiming Obama as a job creator (i.e., of low wage, no benefits McJobs) — and get this, evincing no hyperbole, comparing Bernie Sanders — An illustration by Dan Boothbecause he is Jewish, once being employed as a carpenter, and being a socialist — to Jesus Christ.

Yes. Really. They did.

Excuse me, I didn’t realize that Jesus sojourned to Rome, made residence there, among the city state’s gild, intrigue, and cupidity, and became a member of the corrupt to the core Roman Senate, and claimed to have aspirations to become Caesar.

If the existence of Occupy Democrats and those who post their palaver reveals anything, it is: So-called progressives possess the same dismal levels of toxic naivety, perpetual credulity, and willful and belligerent ignorance regarding the realities of U.S. politics as do their Tea Bag Republican doppelgangers.

Illustrations by Dan Booth not to be reproduced without his express prior permission.

Phil Rockstroh
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