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Hurricanes are Real, Even if You Deny Climate Change

Post-Irma, the desperate pseudoscience of deniers is a cacophony of crazy

Kong by Dan Booth

[dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”]T[/dropcap]rue, Climate Change Denialists, there have, throughout history, been hurricanes that blow through the Caribbean and make landfall on the US mainland.

But, according to scientific evidence, voluminous amounts of it, gathered, scrupulously peer reviewed, tested, proofed, and confirmed, by thousands of researchers, worldwide, Climate Change, due to the measurable and measured, warming of the world’s oceans and seas increases the power of and raises the moisture level and attendant rainfall content of certain hurricanes and tropical storms.

The evidence is beyond dispute, other than in the ill-informed minds of pseudo-science clutching Denialists. There is not a debate to be had regarding the situation. The proof is extent and overwhelming.

There is simply not an amiable way to express the following. Denialism is simply insanity; the mindset is Flat Earth-grade looney muffin shitwit, albeit with this distinction: Flat-Earthers, the fellow, crackbrained citizens of the Climate Denialists of Cray Craytown, nut-nugget opinions do not, as Climate Denialists do, contribute to the extinction of the human species by their apologia of the criteria that is altering the Earth’s biosphere. The worst kinds of fools are those who deny danger and refuse to accept the reality of a deepening, potentially fatal crisis.kong by Dan Booth

Carl Jung averred that insanity is the refusal to accept mortal suffering and to recognise one’s limits as a human being. Climate Denialism is the refusal to embrace the grief that arrives at the end of things. The reality that we, as a species, must change, in a radical manner, our way of viewing ourselves and our place among the living order of the planet or we will perish from this breathing Earth… proves too much for the Denialist mindset.

How is it possible to have an honest exchange with those who choose to believe the phantoms gibbering in their own heads rather than check in with reality? Participating in a thread with Climate Denialists is like visiting an old style lunatic asylum, wherein were held under lock and key, inmates ranging from the delusional to the feeble minded. What is heard therein is a perpetual cacophony of crazy.

Image by Dan Booth. Not to be reproduced without express prior permission.


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