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Failing Upwards: The Perpetual Motion of Elected Fraud

Trump’s repeated ‘failing upwards’ is only one sort of perpetual motion.

papa che by Dan Booth

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ontrasting headlines, but carrying a hidden convergence:

Trump bans immigrants from seven mostly Islamic nations (i.e., a dismal display of time-disgraced retrograde and reactionary thinking). Underlying the action: an empire’s dependence on earth-decimating fossil fuels.

Scientists discover a new form of matter: Time Crystals (subatomic formations that are not effected by the Law Of Equilibrium and could prove key to long dreamed of perpetual motion devices coming to fruition .)

Trump inherited his money. He has been rewarded for his every screw up e.g., his multiple bankruptcies. The more he falters the more manic he becomes due to a lifetime of failing upward.

All too many people are dazzled by extroverts, convinced that doers, shaking the quotidian air with empty motion, are key to their safety and salvation.

Yet, it is the glamour-devoid scientific individuals, hunched over a desk, wearing mismatched socks, crunching calculations, who could save our asses.

We certainly won’t be saved by card-carrying members of the Democratic Party, who rub their hands with glee at the starting position their next tenure will inherit.Che by Dan Booth

When Democrats regain power, as happened with the (faux) transition between Bush and Obama, they will proceed, true to form, to normalise and codify Trump’s transgressions, and they will be enabled, with militant obtuseness, by Democratic partisans, duplicitous liberals and amnesiac progressives.

The same people exhibited 24/7 hysteria and attendant pronouncements of doom during Bush’s two terms. Then, enter the Democratic Congress in 06 then Obama in 08 – and the worst of Bush/Cheney was not challenged, reversed, nor even mitigated but was doubled down on, all with liberal complicity.

Problem is, and it really is this simple, the complicity and flat out hypocrisy of liberals created Trump. And they must never be allowed to forget the fact. Until they own their share of responsibility for it all, there can and will be no “moving on.”

Image by Dan Booth. Not to be reproduced without express prior permission.


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