From Albrecht Dürer To Andy Warhol

Profund collection of masterworks

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Sep 10 - Jan 7
12:00 - 18:00

Museo d’arte della Svizzera italiana

The Dürer to Warhol exhibition currently unveiled to the public presents itself as an ostensibly remarkable assembly of graphic works. This exhibition, deemed by some as one of the foremost displays in its league, parades an assortment of prints and drawings by artistic maestros, delivering a panoramic voyage through the annals of visual artistry. Notably, the early run prints by Dürer stand as exemplars, unravelling unprecedented vistas of these familiar works, spotlighting nuances otherwise obfuscated in subsequent prints. These renderings accentuate the intricate minutiae of myriad dramatic vignettes enveloping the primary focal points—a feat seldom witnessed.

The sheer selection on exhibition, albeit a fraction of the complete ensemble, is nothing short of breathtaking. Its apex resides in the juxtaposition of two prime exemplars from Warhol’s ‘Electric Chair’ series, inducing a disorienting and vertiginous effect on the beholder, given the enormity of the spectacle.

Amidst the diversity of the showcased works, some spectators may be lured into issuing grandiose proclamations on the pivotal role of print reproduction within the annals of art history. However, this exhibition transcends the mere thematic or physical consolidation it seemingly professes. It unfolds as a rare juncture inviting an immersive plunge into the profundity of genius, casting shadows potent enough to obscure the aspirations of contemporary and future art.

Andy Warhol

This exhibition, a collaboration with ETH Zürich, an institution of substantial repute, both domestically in Switzerland and on the global stage. Despite its renown, ETH Zurich’s Collection of Prints and Drawings remains an unfamiliar terrain to many. The exhibition titled “From Albrecht Dürer to Andy Warhol. Masterpieces from the Graphische Sammlung ETH Zürich” curated by Linda Schädler, Head of the Graphische Sammlung ETH Zürich, bestows upon the public an unprecedented opportunity to immerse themselves in 300 masterpieces sourced from one of Switzerland’s most prized collections of prints and drawings.

Albrecht Dürer

Arranged chronologically, the exhibition embarks on an exploration of techniques, motifs, styles, and conceptualizations of art spanning centuries. The display unfurls works by luminary figures in European art history, interspersed with creations by contemporary artists. This distinctive interplay between past masters and present-day artisans gives rise to an array of unexpected connections, unveiling dialogues between divergent epochs. Central themes such as the genesis of art, the interplay between copies and originals, the dissemination of motifs and iconographies, and collaborative ventures between varying artistic disciplines have characterised the trajectory of graphic artistry since its inception, retaining their relevance even in contemporary times.

From Albrecht Dürer To Andy Warhol Masterpieces From The Graphische Sammlung Eth Zürich. 10 September 2023 – 7 January 2024

Egon Schiele

The exhibition in MASI explores the key groups of works in the collection, presented together for the first time, including masterpieces by artists such as Albrecht Dürer, Lucas van Leyden, Elisabetta Sirani, Hendrik Goltzius, Rembrandt van Rijn, Maria Sibylla Merian, Francisco de Goya, Giovanni Battista Piranesi, Käthe Kollwitz, Louise Bourgeois, Pablo Picasso, Edvard Munch, Miriam Cahn and many more.

As well as taking a fascinating tour of six centuries of art history, the exhibition offers an overview of the various engraving and drawing techniques that have been used and perfected by artists over the years.


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