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Created by Naila Scargill

332 Canal Street, New York, NY, 10013, USA

[03.05.19] Carlito Dalceggio presents a month-long multimedia experience, Mythologia Libre. Taking place on Canal Street, New York, the public installation will introduce to Manhattan a portal leading to a realm free of contemporary reference — a space where painting, sculpture, poetry, music, film installation and performance exist solely to usher visitors through to the unknown beauty and mystery of the universe — where art exists as a primal scream.

A manifesto-exhibition-vision, Mythologia Libre will expand the boundaries of art as a multimedia life experience. Pushing through our real-time perceptions, visitors will enter the exhibition by crossing a physical threshold through which they will journey into futuristic sacred time, where the ancient, primordial sense of wonder and instinct meets as of yet undiscovered technology – and ultimate freedom exists through simultaneous chaos and balance. This avant-garde spiritual world serves through beauty as a manifesto for the liberation of the human spirit.

Mythologia Libre will be free and open to the public. Tickets may be booked here.

Image: Carlito Dalceggio, Ritual Flesh 1, 2017

Naila Scargill
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