The Beauty of Men: Celebrating Tenderness

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Created by Naila Scargill

Hellada Gallery, 117 Linden Ave, Long Beach, CA 90802, USA
[02.03.19] LA-based queer artist John Waiblinger’s solo show, The Beauty of Men: Celebrating Tenderness, challenges the male gaze by breathing romance and intimacy into pornographic images. Reconstructing found images, Waiblinger combines them with his own photography to transfigure the carnal into his own embodiments of adoration and celebration. The softer, floral images show men in an entirely different light, creating tension between the normative and the transgressive to investigate and broaden our perceptions of masculinity.
Waiblinger says: “In a world where masculinity is often framed in terms of hardness and strength, I celebrate softness and vulnerability. I believe it’s crucial to explore the nuances and complexities of being a man. Queer art is essential to such exploration.” Ultimately, Waiblinger says this exhibit is about connection and the human desire for relationship.
The Beauty of Men will run from March 2 – 16 at Hellada Gallery. For further information, visit the gallery’s website here.
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