Loitered Lens: Savage Nomads

Savage Nomads. Carl Batson
Savage Nomads

The Savage Nomads are a great London band that have been doing good things and making the right sort of noise.

Our man Carl Batson likes these kids. He knows their habits, he watches their styles develop and captures it all through his large black clicking time tunnel.

They will look like this forever and while there can be no denial, whether this was the beginning or the end, a moment of greatness or the median of achievement remains to be written.

This is the vowel sound in the middle of a lifelong word.

All photos are the copyright of Carl Byron Batson.

The Savage Nomads have a website and are often gigging. 

Carl Byron Batson
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Photographer, published poet, former party animal, body builder, grave robber to the stars and renowned chainsaw juggler, Carl can often be spotted on his Harley Davidson pretending to be in Terminator 2. He is also frequently seen in the press pits of old London town, camera in hand, avoiding being hit by bottles of wee and crippling his opposition with secret Kung Fu moves.

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