Emma Sywyj: Royal Wedding

Emma Swywj's reportage from the most recent royal wedding updates iconic imagery of British celebrations.

Photographer Emma Sywyj talked to Trebuchet last month. On her methods for shooting the most recent royal wedding she explains:

 [working] on the series in a vintage fashion, was meant to be ironic and a nod to the type of reportage photography I fell in love with when I was teenager.

But the way we process information and the amount of photographs that people have posted on the Internet about the wedding is into its tens of millions, which is so different from how things were in the 1950s. Also I think the fact the event was being broadcast live all over the world made people feel very conscious of themselves.

About Emma Sywyj 6 Articles
Emma is an artist and photographer. For nearly ten years she have been making art and taking photographs and is currently represented by the A.Gallery in Glasgow, Scotland.

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