You’ve Been Boned (Bones UK)

Bones UK opened for Skunk Anansie at the Kentish Town Forum and in true 'before they were huge' style, nicked the show. Report

Lighting the rainbow fuse for Skunk Anansie, BONES UK came on strong.

BONES are bassless, they smell of sex and the beguiling androgyny of Carmen Vandenberg Carmen Vandenburg, Bones UKexcites a few into questioning if they want to fuck a boy or a girl. Oh that face.

‘You’re never too young to stand up for what you think is right. Never. And if people don’t want to listen, then get up on stage, plug your guitar into the biggest amp you can find, whack up the volume on your mic and, ta da! They will have no choice but to listen.’

– Carmen Vandenberg

They obviously want it, you know they do, and they play their short set like slathering starving dogs tearing at a slither of fresh cut meat, all whilst offering up an ode to Bowie for the grieving crowd.

I went to the bar with my ears ringing and remembering what David once said to me: “Look after my face won’t you, hahaha”
Nothing made sense much lately and Rogers whispered to me as we drove home.

“And we’ll try to imagine what it looks like
Yeah, we’ll try to imagine what, what silence looks like
Yeah, we’ll, we’ll try to imagine what silence looks like
Yeah, we’ll try”

You may not have heard of them until now. If the relevance of previous collaborations is part of your quality control mechanism, the names dropped into that CV (Dave Stewart, Kate Nash, Roger Taylor) speak volumes. Who, what, where, when, how? Bones UK shroud themselves in mystery, the pull-notification approach to promo. The ‘If you play it, they will come’ gamble, shortening the odds with blood, sweat and talent. You may have difficulty finding out about them, where they are, where they’re off to next. Hell, you’ll probably never see another colour picture of them.

But you’ll know when you’ve been boned.

Photos by Carl Byron Batson. Not to be reproduced without express prior permission.

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