Dark moods and Militaristic Airs : Мир [Bedlam]

Mir's dark mood fits our New New Cold War era disturbingly well.

Bedlam, mir

This vinyl release is the work of associates of the new Viennese techno label Bare Hands.

Available as a limited run of 300 on 140g black vinyl with hand numbered postcard‚ it’s a specialist release but one that deserves a wide audience. ‘Mir’ may mean peace, but the Russian track titles have a slightly militaristic air and the dark mood fits our New New Cold War era disturbingly well.

‘Bumerang’ works well as an ominously energetic, massively bass-driven introduction. Insistent, filtered high frequency sounds maintain the tension right up until the high-impact reverbed ending. Titling a track ‘Eshelonka’ (Echelon) implies a track that means business and its punchy, EBM-like bassline, pulsing electronic patterns create a memorable effect, simultaneously rough and smooth.

On what some of us still call the B-side, the minimal and sharp-edged, ‘Obvalka’ ratchets up the tension, drawing comparisons with the darker recent work of Adam X and, going back much further, to the Cold War atmospheres of Front 242.

Opening with cold, mechanical textures and punchy beats, ‘Betushnye’ develops into a wonderfully dark and bleakly anthemic closer. There’s a residual warmth in the superbly-produced bass but this can only be the prelude to or aftermath of some bleak scenario. Мир stands out in an over-crowded techno market, both sonically and conceptually, and leaves a lasting impression.

Artists. Bedlam
Title. Мир (MIR) EP
Format. Vinyl
Cat.Number. barehands003
Release Date. May 1st, 2015
Distribution. N.E.W.S. Distribution
Domain. www.facebook.com/barehandsvie

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