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Leicester Square Station and around London's west end (China Town)

We are approaching the year of the dog (16 Feb 2018) You may wish to celebrate this if you are in London by taking part in various activities to mark the event in and around China town.




“In 2018, the London celebrations are taking place on 18 February, which is the Sunday following the date of the Chinese New Year, 16 February,”
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People born in 1982 (Jan. 25, 1982 – Feb. 12, 1983) were born in the year of the Dog, that means you canines around 36 years old can celebrate 2018 knowing that this year is for you. Things begin at 10am and include a number of staple spectacles,

“Watch colourful floats and more than 30 teams take part in the vibrant Chinese New Year parade, which kicks off at 10am with a dragon and lion dance in Charing Cross Road, before snaking its way through Chinatown.
Walk down to Trafalgar Square from 12pm for the main stage performances, featuring traditional Chinese dance and music shows, contemporary hip-hop acts and an exciting line-up of artists from China,” visit London




China is a major influence on global culture and its power is set to grow and grow. Its a culture you should know about. This event will showcase traditional festivities and give the uninitiated a taste of how Chinese Britons view their heritage. Trebuchet have covered a number of China themed articles leading up to the new year so for a more critical look at China to balance your diet of culture and art why not visit the Qu Leilei exhibition in Oxford, or read an article in the ‘Chimerica’ series.

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