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As a photographer Bob Carlos Clarke was careful where he cast shadows and with his early departure many lovers of the darker spectrum of colour and taste lost a visionary conduit to their own shadowy yearnings and desires.

His friends and family are working to raise money for a memorial project which you can donate to here. 

When Little Black Gallery‘s Ghislain Pascal talked to Trebuchet last year, the name Bob Carlos Clarke cropped up.

The gallery has always been associated with the photographer, but as Pascal explained, it can trace its foundation directly to Clarke:

‘I moved in celebrity PR and management which I did for 15 years,

and still continue to dabble today.

Through this I met the legendary photographer Bob Carlos Clarke,

who became my photographer of choice

to photograph all my clients. We became good friends and eventually

I became his agent. It is through him that

I became involved with photography.

After his untimely death in 2006

I decided to open a photography gallery in his memory

that would not only host a permanent room of his work

but showcase the best in contemporary photography.


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