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Aesthetics and the Art of Audio Field Recording

A picture of a waterfall by Sean Keenan

When approaching audio field recording (often referred to as ‘phonography’) as a sound art practice, inevitable questions of aesthetics surface.

The common attitude often expressed or implied runs something along the lines of “What is the artistic element of so seemingly ‘passive’ an activity as pointing a mic and pushing the record button?” (reminiscent of similar historical attitudes about photography as a fine art).A picture of a waterfall by Sean Keenan

Without addressing the implicit assumptions of transparency of mediating technology, or getting into

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About Steven M. Miller (9 Articles)
Steven M. Miller is a composer, sound artist, and improviser whose work and interests intersect sound, culture, technology, and the arts. Also an avid photographer, his formal training includes music, audio recording/production, electroacoustics, and interactive media.
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