Author: Steven M. Miller

Steven M. Miller is a composer, sound artist, and improviser whose work and interests intersect sound, culture, technology, and the arts. Also an avid photographer, his formal training includes music, audio recording/production, electroacoustics, and interactive media.

Applied Carpe Diem – Living and Dying with ALS

To fully appreciate life, we also need to understand and appreciate death...

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What is Black and White in Sound?

How do we remove timbre from sound, the way we can remove color from an image? How do we get an aural analog of black & white images?...

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Listening : Modes and Strategies

Listening is largely, though not exclusively, a conscious activity. ...

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Applied Carpe Diem : Part 2

What makes a person choose whether or not to end one’s own life? It comes back to that tradeoff, I suppose, between quality vs. quantity....

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Aesthetics and the Art of Audio Field Recording

'What is the artistic element of so seemingly ‘passive’ an activity as pointing a mic and pushing the record button?' Steven Miller teaches us how to record, and how to listen....

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Applied Carpe Diem : Perspectives on Dying.

How would you live your life, if you knew there wasn’t much life left to live?...

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Make Better Music 71: Sound/Light

Though both deal with wave-like phenomena, sound and light each have their own peculiarities. ...

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Make Better Music 70 : Time

There is no aural analog of the photograph or still frame from a film. Sound is, at its core, inherently a time-dependent phenomenon. ...

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Make Better Music 69: On Sound

"It is common for us to be in situations where we can not see (or at least vision is severely restricted) but exceedingly uncommon to be in situations where we can not hear"...

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