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U.K. Subs : The Flag, Watford

Witness a man who has defied time and will surely rock till he drops. UK Subs at the Flag, Watford

[dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”]”You[/dropcap] ain’t no punk you punk, you wanna talk about the real junk?”

So sayeth our good lord Purkhiser, who died for our sins.

Question is, was punk just something of its time or something that can be resurrected time and time again? Who knows? Who cares? We don’t care.


What we do knoweth is there doth seem to be a current resurrection of the ‘punk attitude’, if indeed it ever went away. With this cometh a thirst for fresh blood, ‘new punk’, and an increasing demand for ‘true punk’, the bands still lucky enough to be around in one incarnation or another after the indulgences of nigh on forty  years ago.

If you happen to have that particular craving, Dr Trebuchet can fill your prescription this very weekend. We can slake your thirst by pointing you in the direction of one of Watford’s finest ale houses and new punk mecca, The Flag.

So without further ado, we suggest you be entertained by the punk legend that is Charlie Harper together with his popular beat combo the UK Subs this Saturday night.

Witness a man who has defied time and will surely rock till he drops. Be thrilled by the explicit gyrations of a generation disillusioned by society and prepare to be shocked by the type of crazed music your parents warned you about.

Remember, original is best. Barbie’s Dead we cry.


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