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The Selecter pull Amy Winehouse tribute single.

Tribute to Amy Winehouse that tragically coincided with the singers Untimely Death. 

The flip-side of The Selecter’s limited edition double A-side 7” vinyl, “Back To Black”, released on Saturday July 23, was recorded months ago as a tribute to Amy Winehouse’s interest in 2-tone and as a thank you to the singer for helping to put ska back in the public eye. Pauline Black and The Selecter are shocked and saddened that this so suddenly and so tragically coincided with her untimely death.
The other A-side, Big In The Body – Small In The Mind, also turned out to be eerily prescient. A thorough re-working of Woody Guthrie’s All You Fascists Bound To Lose, it sets the Selecter agenda, which notes that racism is still on the rise, and on the rise in Europe – a statement sadly vindicated by the horrific events in Norway at the weekend.
Pauline Black and The Selecter’s thoughts go out to the family and friends of Amy Winehouse and those murdered in Norway. Sometimes it’s not good to be in tune with the zeitgeist.


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