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The Centrifuge

With all this Dubstep flying around Acid may seem like a vague memory well wake up as it’s very much alive and kicking!

I ♥ Acid, The Centrifuge, and Complex Sound Sagacity presents to you The Pre-Bloc Warm Up Party! This is going to be a mind blowing event (literally) in East of London town full of acid, electro, rave and with entry only £3 before 9pm and £4 after- you really can’t miss this! We’ve been talking to Wassim from The Centrigue and yes he is as bonkers as his picture!

Can you tell me about The Centrifuge?
The Centrifuge is an artist collective interested in experimental and electronic music. We started a few years back as a humble DIY events series in Nottingham and have since put on shows around Europe, started a digital label and fortnightly radio show, and are currently focused on our artist management and live bookings agency.

What is your role within The Centrifuge?
Ummm…a lot! I organise and promote the events wherever they may be, I curate and run the label and spend most of my time these days organising tours and managing artists. I'm on the road a lot, keeping up with the music circus. Not much time to take a step back, which would be nice…

Tell me more about the Pre Bloc Warm up party?
Yes, we're really chuffed about that one. Bloc is one of our favourite UK festivals and this year's killer lineup means that friends of ours from all over Europe are coming to England to enjoy it. So we're making the most of them being in the vicinity really, to do a little party with cool cats from places as disparate as Norway and Malta!

Who can't you stop listening to at the moment?
I'm listening to music all day every day, and there's a certain amount I need to get through to keep up which restricts my listening for pleasure. But there's one artist who really blows me away with every tune he makes, and that's EOD. Very excited about having him play at the pre-Bloc party at The MacBeth next week!

Which artists should we be looking out for this year?
There's a bunch of our friends who are poised to release new music on some great labels. Here's a quick rundown: Rival Consoles' new glitch-pop album on Erased Tapes, EOD's braindance transmissions on a still-secret label, Monster X's electro-drill, Vaetxh's first few glitchstep releases on Tigerbeat6 and Traum and last but by no means least our most recent label release by acid house wizard Automatic Tasty.

What do you have to say to all the Trebuchet readers out there?
If you're an aspiring musician, keep at it and don't play it safe! Fortune favours the brave, so get involved, don't compromise on your ideals and push your music out there. We're always keen to hear unique sounds. If you're a fan, please support the artists you love by buying their music and going to their live shows. Cheers!



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