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Tav Falco London in-store

Post-modern pop classicist TavFalco makes rare appearance in London to promote psychogeographical book.

Tav Falco was cool before cool was cool. Or so the internet would have us believe.

He is, in part, to blame for the resurgence and use of the 50s anachronism to elevate teenage rebellion into an art form.  The idea that you could use the camp fashion cosmology (togo-graphy?) of your parents older siblings to be original wasn't totally Tav's but he took it into new and exciting places with a conviction that left many others run out like a spent 7".

In the same way that this new 50's is a time out of time, psychogeography is a place on top of a place. Literally the psychology of a city, mapping it's fistulas and conduits, creating new trails for predator and prey alike, psychogeography can be a fascinating investigation that is so much more than who was where when.

It's augmented reality in a printed form.

Wed 30 May 3pm

Rough Trade East

Brick Lane

London, E1 6QL

Phone: 020 7792 3490

Website: www.roughtrade.com  


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