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Georgia On My Mind

From 6000 BC the inhabitants of Georgia were cultivating grapes and burying vessels in which to store their wine ready for serving at ground temperature....

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Uncorking Keith Floyd to accompany leftovers

Trebuchet is taking a seasonal break until Jan 2nd. In the meantime we've selected some fine moments for you to enjoy...

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Avoiding Mouldy Wine? Nature Knows Best

Wild grape yeast could be more effective than pesticides in preventing grape molds ...

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Does Expensive Wine Really Taste Better? Ask Science

When a bottle costs more, the reward center in the brain plays a trick on us...

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Eat Yourself Sozzled: Tracking the Alcohol in Red Wine Sauce

Can you get intoxicated by pouring beer or wine into your sauce or stew? New research provides the answer...

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You WILL Go Into The Round Hole! Genomics Creates Climateproof Grapes

Genomics breakthrough paves way for climate-tolerant wine grape varieties ...

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You Know What Sunburn Does to Your Skin, But Did You Know What it Does to Your Wine?

Protecting grapes from pests by boosting their natural immunity ...

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Have Another Lamb Chop. Red Wine’s Resveratrol Counteracts Fatty Diets

Resveratrol found in red wine could help counteract the negative impact of high fat/high sugar diets...

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Peaty Pinots and Gamay in the Gloaming. Global Warming Moves Wine Regions North

Global warming pushes wines into uncharted terroir ...

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Scraping the Barrel or Sour Grapes?

Researchers find that a specific flavour in wine, called barrique character, is discerned not by the tastebuds, but by an unrelated tongue nerve. ...

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