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Lose Weight Without Exercise? Enter the Fat Conversion Patch

New patch aims to turn energy-storing fats into energy-burning fats ...

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A Proper Brew: Lose Weight With Black Tea Too!

New UCLA study shows that polyphenols in black tea can alter gut bacteria...

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Two Bottles of Buff, Pharmacist! Towards a Musclebuilding Pill

Suppressing a protein builds muscle mass, improves markers of heart health without weight loss...

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What Can I Take to Help Me Lose Weight? Oh, That!

Drinking more water associated with numerous dietary benefits, study finds ...

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Exercise Alone Won’t Help You Slim! But what DOES work?

Why you won't lose weight by exercising constantly, and what you can do about it...

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Cereal? Not just hipster cafe-fodder, it’s also great for fat-shaming!

Kitchen counter foods that relate to your weight...

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