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Born Slippy? These Boots Were(n’t) Made For Walking on Ice (Ice Baby)

Most winter boots are too slippery to walk safely on icy surfaces. The Shame!...

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Drop It, Bin It: Floor Food is Bad Food

Sometimes bacteria transfer in less than a second...

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Does Texter’s Thumb Count? Worldwide Injuries Plummet in the Internet Era

Global toll of injuries down by almost a third since 1990 ...

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The Damage Television Does to Your Kids: Proven!

Falling TVs causing increasing number of severe neck and head injuries in children ...

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The Slaver and the Snarl. Dog Bites (and avoiding them)

There was a common tendency for victims to blame themselves for the attack, rather than the animal...

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The Festival Burner

Now with bank apps, emails, incriminating pictures, your phone is an invitation to be blackmailed, divorced or arrested. A lost phone infinitely more so....

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