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‘Deep Mind’ AI As Advanced as a 4yr old!

The 'Deep Mind' team have developed an AI that can think 'like a four year old' will this be our making or undoing?...

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Robot Arse Teaches Students Crap

Former UC Riverside student builds replica human colon (Robot Arse) and feeds it three times per day....

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Beer Robot Reads Minds

Beer Robot has learnt to foresee human action in order to step in and offer a helping hand, or more accurately, roll in and offer a helping claw....

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Scientists make electronic nose

Swedish and Spanish engineers have created a system of sensors that detects fruit odours, making the electronic nose more effective than the human sense of smell....

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Supercomputer Decodes the Noisey Cosmos

Noisey Cosmos | scientists from the international Planck collaboration have made the closest reading yet of the most ancient story in our universe: the cosmic microwave background...

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Cockroach Robotics

Running cockroaches start to recover from being shoved sideways before their dawdling nervous system kicks in to tell their legs what to do, researchers have found....

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Stretchy Battery Completed

Work completed on a rechargeable stretchy battery that can twist and bend -- and return to normal shape...

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