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Jade van der Mark: We’re All Human

Dutch artist's first London solo show explores contemporary society both before and after the pandemic, and examines the dichotomy of crowds and human intimacy....

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The Last Faust Gesamtkunstwerk

Artist Philipp Humm uses Goethe’s narrative as the compass for his own retelling of the Faust legend, as he continues to create a total body of work....

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The Healing Power of Painting

Abstract artist, Mona Lerch, shapes her paintings with her life experiences. She explores her emotions whilst working and embodies them into her artwork. ...

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Teiji Hayama London Solo Debut

FAME introduces a new body of oil paintings that examine what it means to be famous in the age of digital celebrity....

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Three-sided World; Interview with Stuart Jones

Natural forces and man-made spaces preoccupy the work of artist Stuart Jones. ...

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Eileen Cooper RA to Receive Major Solo Exhibition

Personal Space focuses on the female figure in private and intimate spaces, expanding on themes Cooper has explored throughout her 40-year career....

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