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House for Martians Brought to Life by Bristol Artists

An ongoing public art project will explore how we live today and stimulate visions for new ways of living here on Earth and on Mars....

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Had Enough? Go To Mars! (in the future)

There is hope after all! we can move to Mars, or rather our great grand children can....

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Boris Johnson – the blonde bomb site returns

It's perhaps too easy to mock Boris Johnson. And yet he remains an ominous symptom of a society in decline....

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Arcuate Striations: The Clue to Life on Mars

Researchers pinpoint watery past on Mars ...

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Meteorites Show Martian Drought Was Long-Lived

Mars is incredibly dry, and has been that way for millions of years....

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Tin Foil Hats. No, Really: The dementia risk of galactic cosmic ray exposure

UCI study raises questions about long-term brain health after extended spaceflights...

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Where next for the Curiosity Mars Rover? (And will there be explosions?)

To the Murray Formation - and Beyond! The Mars Curiosity rover sets its GPS for new horizons...

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Ancient Eruptions in an Unusual Martian Region

Unusual Martian region leaves clues to the planet's past...

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Banging Rocks to find Life on Mars

Seismic activity on Mars may produce enough hydrogen to support life...

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Rain Getting You Down? On Mars, it’s Acid Fog

While Mars doesn't have much in the way of Earth-like weather, it does evidently share one kind of weird meteorology: acid fog....

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Will We Cope With Martian Flu?

Spaceflight may be associated with a process of accelerated aging of the immune system....

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Evidence of Mars Water

Mars Water? Rocks analyzed by NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover team provide solid evidence that Mars had rivers or streams ...

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