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Tranquil Voyage

A conversation between space, display and the mind of Celine Condorelli...

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Is Altitude Sickness Harshing Your Midlife Crisis? Fixed.

Acetaminophen: A viable alternative for preventing acute mountain sickness ...

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How Big is YOUR Busyness? Multitasking as Status Symbol

Lack of leisure: Is busyness the new status symbol? ...

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Are You Enjoying Your Video Game? Computer Says No

Introducing the Game User Experience Satisfaction Scale (GUESS), a psychometrically validated instrument that measures satisfaction...

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Go Fly a Kite

And don't kites just lend themselves to metaphor? They punctuate the sky, return it to a human scale. They hug the wind. Our minds can't help but follow them up into the empyrean; watching them, we...

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