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Inversions of Nature: Giuseppe Penone

The Results and Interpolations of Giuseppe Penone...

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Frescoes & Faces

Muirne Kate Dineen and Paul Vanstone discuss their new exhibition: Colour and Form. ...

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Decoding our Futurist longings in the work of Tullio Crali

An exploration of the talent, impact and vision of futurist aeropainter Tullio Crali...

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In the Silence Electric: Julie’s Haircut

Grooves so epic they'll flap your flares for hours on end. Review of In the Silence Electric by Italian Psych veterans Julie's Haircut....

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Mr. Big Flies To Milan

Mr. Big return with a(nother) live album, but this one's special - it's founder Pat Torpey's final bow with them before his death earlier this year....

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Siena in all its least-known corners (Federico Pacini)

Pacini photographs the off-season, with its overcast skies and grey suburban areas....

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Pitch black, brutal, noisy, cinematic, psychedelic (OvO)

I have to say Ronin is a big effort, but Abisso was one of biggest efforts I've ever made. There's a lot of work behind this loose sound. Ovo...

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