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Art is on the house!

The myth of a disappearing house, the discovery of one that still exists and the challenge of one that will hopefully exist one day in the future....

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Are You Getting Enough? (Sleep): Sleep Patterns and Sounds

Associating sleep sounds with sleep patterns provides a whole new prospect of sleep diagnostics....

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An Active Sex Life Makes Happier Workers

Maintaining an active sex life may lead to improved job satisfaction and engagement in work ...

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That Time You Went Away? Your Dogs Remember

Your dogs are paying attention and they'll remember...

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Does Your Dog Love You, Or The Treat You’re Holding?

Study explores canine reward preferences...

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The Damage Television Does to Your Kids: Proven!

Falling TVs causing increasing number of severe neck and head injuries in children ...

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Freelancing, self employment and accountants.

A gross day rate multiplied by 365 sounds impressive to some but the take home reality is generally less… much, much less. Plan accordingly....

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How to Promote Backyard Bird Diversity

Neighborhoods most attractive to birds were those in which many yards had fruit or berry-bearing trees and shrubs...

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