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Zakk Wylde [Black Label Society] : Interview

I always tell kids that you gotta have passion for whatever it is you're playing. It's easier said than done....

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Sometimes you have doubts and delusions and you go off the path a bit [Youth]

dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”M/dropcapartin “Youth” Glover, known by many as the bassist and founding member of the influential Post-Punk band Killing Joke,  is...

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Every myth is a memory, formed through complex layers of tellings through time.

OE: Orpheus and Euridice: For the next half an hour music and poetry weaved in and out of each other in a richly discursive mesh of words and sounds, sometimes obscuring and at other times refining...

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The Blackheart Burlesque where suicidal onesies bump, jump and grind to Die Antwoord.

Suicide Girls : Blackheart Burlesque Live While the majority of the men in the audience quietly beamed, the girls in the audience hooted and hollered....

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Nuanced Chuckles with Charlie Hebdo : Free Speech and the Freedom to Complain

You can make your case and express your view, but riling up the worst elements and trolling isn’t free speech; it’s just being an antisocial jerk....

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About Political Correctness

Political correctness is not actually about quelling ‘freedom of speech’ for the sake of defending others from offense....

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