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A Damn Fine Cup of Coffee Helps Teams Work Together

A new study has found that people give more positive reviews for their group's performance if they drink caffeinated coffee beforehand. ...

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The Physics of Coffee and How They’ll Fix Oceans

Layering in cafe lattes yields insights for engineering, medicine and environment...

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Are You Working Too Hard to Drink Coffee?!

Despite the physical boost it brings, over a quarter of workers say they have no time to drink coffee...

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Drink Coffee, Live Longer

Higher coffee consumption associated with lower risk of death ...

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Brainbeans! Caffeine Could Help Diminish Dementia

Caffeine boosts enzyme that could protect against dementia...

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One Lump or Two? How Sugar Makes Caffeine Clump

New insights into the way in which caffeine, sugar and water interact at the molecular level to affect the taste of hot beverages....

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Coffee Physics: Why Lattes Spill More than Americanos

dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”A/dropcap coating of froth dampens wave motion in liquids. Surfers knew that already – everyone wants a nice clean wave. However, more...

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The Genetics of a Coffee Buzz

Our findings may allow us to identify subgroups of people most likely to benefit from increasing or decreasing coffee consumption for optimal health...

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